Your knowledge partner for water- and fuel treatment

For over 20 years Aquality supports its customers in the field of the water and fuel treatment market for industrial and maritime systems. Aquality designs and manufactures dosing equipment and supplies additives for water and fuel treatment.The correct use of anecessary additives for water and fuel treatment in combination with accurate and reliable dosing & control, result in a lower product consumption, less waste, an improved efficiency but above all, a longer lifetime of equipment.

Aquality has been recognised for its problem solving capacity, chemical / technical knowledge and service level.

Water treatment
In almost every production process water is used. Water as an ingredient, as cooling liquid or as waste, chilled or super heated, water plays an important part in the process. In all cases a correct water quality is essential for the final result. Deviations in the quality of the water or often not  tolerated and sometimes literary ‘killing’ Aquality has the knowledge to supply its customers with solutions, which result in reliable water quality in industrial and maritime processes.
Fuel Treatment
The quality of Marine Fuels has influence on the processes before, during and after the combustion. Unfortunately the quality of the Marine & Industrial Fuels is not always of the same level. Low fuel quality of Heavy Residual Fuels and gasoil will result in sludge in tanks, unwanted wear of parts, a lower fuel efficiency and higher level of emissions.

Aquality provides as agent van Innospec Marine Specialties en Innospec Power Specialties knowledge and solutions which result in a more reliable fuel quality on board.