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Food and beverage industry

During the conservation of food, sterilization and pasteurization systems are used. During sterilization processes temperatures of 110°C – 135°C are reached.

During the pasteurization of products a temperature range of 63°C to 100°C is needed. Pasteurization as method of microbiological conserving is only functional when products have a pH,4,5 or lower. At these pH seeds will not grow. The pasteurization processes are in need of large amounts of water. Steam or a combination of water, air and/or steam will be used by sterilization processes.

Goal of sterilization is to kill the heat resistant spores and to protect against decay of food products. The use of water at high temperatures result in hardness deposits, corrosion and micro biological contamination of the processing system and the preserved products.

As consultant in the field of water for the food and beverage industry, Aquality has experience with solving these problems which can occur when using water and steam as heating or cooling medium.