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Cooling water treatment

A cooling tower system obtains its cooling capacity from the evaporation of water, which requires much energy (heat) taken from the recirculation water. Due to the fact that only pure water will evaporate, the concentration of the diluted salts will increase in the remaining water. This might result in corrosion and deposits.

For example deposits of hardness salts on heat transfer tubes will result in loss of heat transfer capacity and possible corrosion problems. Furthermore biological problems may also be inducted in the cooling water of the system
because these systems often operate under the ideal temperature for growth (20 to 30 °C) and in almost all cases there will be sufficient nutrients for bacteria (organic and inorganic material).

Aquality supplies a wide range of cooling water products. For every situation, depending on the type of system, sort of make-up water, materials and wall temperatures we can supply the most suited economical product.